Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Dartmoor run on a hot and sunny day in August

Arch Tor
A beautiful summers day, daughter away at her Grandparents and so off to Postbridge I went.  My run started with a quick jog down the road before turning right onto the bridleway and off the track to Arch Tor (105), a nice little tor and start to the day.  I continued west and picked up the wall near Higher White Tor and followed thewall to beyond Lydford Tor, initially the going was quick under foot but after Lydford the terrain changed making the going hard near the settlements in the valley.   It was nice to have a rest on Conies Down Tor (31) and enjoy the views over to Great Mis Tor and beyond.  Next I headed south west over to Greena Ball, I really enjoyed this part of the run flowing over ground.  I was soon at Great Mis Tor (23) one the great tors of the moor.  A majestic tor which offers amazing views both south to Plymouth and North over the some of the highest points on the moor. Next the short jump to Little Mis Tor (58). Then a nice run down to the hill to Over Tor (209), not marked on OS Maps or listed in the book, so added to bottom of the list.  All that remained was the run over to Princetown to catch a bus back to Postbridge.  I arrived in Princetown pretty drained after 17.3km in 2hrs 48min in really hot conditions; I dropped into the High Moor Centre to find out about bus times to Postbridge.  I was shocked to hear that were any for 4 hours! And even more shocked to find there isn’t even a local taxi company!  So off to the local shop for a quick refuel before the 8km boring road run to Postbridge, lesson learnt!

Conies Down Tor

Great Mis Tor looking over the Staples

Great Mis Tor

Little Mis Tor

Over Tor looking back up to Little and Great Mis Tors


  1. Out of curiosity, do you add these details to the Open Street Map? If not, you REALLY ought to think of doing so! www.openstreetmap.org
    Nice blog, by the way!

  2. Thanks William, I'll take a look at Open Street map. Cheers.

  3. Re Trig Point near Shell Top. This hill needs a name. I have always called it Broadall Down. It is the highest point in S W Dartmoor, and is generally ignored (even road maps only give the height of Shell Top). It is a separate hill and considerably higher than Shell Top. It would be a good idea to get all the serious Dartmoor people to finalise a name for this neglected hill. It would create publicity and no doubt a great increase in visitors.