Monday, 29 November 2010

Black and Shipley Tor

Black Tor above the River Avon

Black Tor with Shipley Tor in the background
Midday walk from Shipley Bridge on the River Avon. Again I was greeted with blue skies, frozen ground but none of the snow which has left many parts of the country at a stand still. Bramble and I started up the track towards Avon Dam and we soon encountered the bitter north easterly wind. We left the track at the first junction and made our way up to Black Tor (160) over the clitter and was pleased to see a really nice looking tor, hadn't really expected this as the OS map gives little indication of this. After quickly surveying the area from the top of the tor we made our way off north down to the bridge. Carefully we crossed the ice covered bridge and started the climb across the hill towards Shipley Tor (169), we crossed a number bogs on the way, all of which were frozen solid and made crossing a real pleasure. We soon made it to Shipley Tor, still in bright sunshine, again a nice bit of granite. We followed the wall down to the river as I had seen a path coming straight down. I wondered if this would lead to a bridge or easy crossing point, there was nothing on the map but thought I might chance it, rather than the 1 mile long round trip to the bridge. When we got there we were faced with a mid shin wade or the mile walk! I opted for the wade as it was only a short back to the car from the other side. Even with the frozen ground and ice on the banks of the river, the water wasn't all that bad. All was left after that was to slide back down the road to the Car Park. Another great winter walk, would be nice to get out on the moor with some snow, but that might have to wait until after Christmas now. 

Black Tor from Shipley Tor

Along the wall to Shipley Tor

Shipley Tor

Sunday, 28 November 2010

A Winters Run - 26th November 2010

Sharp Tor

View from Chinkwell Tor to Honeybag Tor
A crisp winters day, blue skies and very little breeze meant perfect conditions for a gentle run taking in 6 tors including one not listed, but marked on the Harvey's map so that takes the list up to 194. I started with Hollow Tor (139), a small Tor which overlooks the popular moorland village of Widecombe. Next it was on to Bonehill Rocks (117), just a small school group climbing today, not like the summer when the place is crawling with tourist. Then a short climb to Bell Tor (111), which commands great views over the Hay Tor and Hound Tor area. From there it gets quite confusing. The OS map shows little detail on the summit above, and the labelling of Chinkwell Tor makes it difficult to pinpoint. The Harveys map makes this a little clearer, but adds in Sharp Tor not mentioned on the OS map. So I have concluded that Chinkwell Tor (113) sits on the top of the hill above Bell Tor with Sharp Tor (194) on the side of the hill to the West. So from Bell Tor I contoured around to Sharp Tor before making the final climb to Chinkwell Tor, before making the small decent and climb to my final tor of the day Honeybag Tor (78). I spent some minutes passing the time of day with two walkers. They were out on there regular Friday walk, they had notched up some 150 walks in South Devon and Dartmoor and had as yet not been back over the same ground. This really does indicate the rich walking area we live in. We said our farewells and I skirted Chinkwell and Bell Tor to the east and crossed to Bonehill Rocks before heading to the car. An excellent run out, on beautiful day. 

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Dartmoor Runners - Shelstone Tor and Hunt Tor - 21th November 2010

Excellent event on the North West side of the moors from High Down.  Nice run out to Shelstone Tor (122) before turning for the climb upto Branscombe Loaf then over to Hunt Tor (10).  Nearly suckered into Gren Tor but decided to leave it for another day.  After Hunt Tor skirted Great Links Tor before the hard slog over to Chat Tor.  Nice run down to a wall corner across the river from Doe Tor only stopping to pick up an OMM map from a few weeks ago.  Then off back to High Down battling the gorse before the run in. 

Monday, 8 November 2010

Wintery and Wild

7th November 2010

Out and about for a Dartmoor Runners event from Belstone.  This is probably the corner of the moor I know the least so its nice to get out for a run over this area.  The run took in two tors Winter Tor (98) which I haven't visited before and Wild Tor (27).  Apt really as it certainly was Wintery and Wild. .  Looking forward to visiting this part of the moor again soon, still plenty to do.   

View Winter and Wild Tor in a larger map

Monday, 1 November 2010

50 up!! 143 to go!!

The Original Mountain Marathon has meant that many parts of Dartmoor have been off limits for a while.  So it's good to get this event out of the way, and also good to get to visit some 10 Tors whilst competing.  My full report on this event can be found at .  No photo's I am afraid but here are the tors I visited.

Saturday 30th October
Yes Tor (2)
Lints Tor (46)
Hare Tor (26)
Chat Tor (18)
Branscombe's Loaf (25)
Great Nodden (85)
Sunday 31st October
Kitty Tor (8)
Steng-a-Tor (22)
Sourton Tor (81)
East Mill Tor 'A' (53)

Really looking forward to getting back to this area again I am sure I will revisit many of these again especially the tor a long the ridge above Dinger Valley which is my favourite area on the moor.