Friday, 16 March 2012

If you see Sid tell him.........!

If you understand the title then you must be as old as me!, but we'll come back to that point later on. 

  So 1500 finish to a meeting in Okehampton and a 1930 meeting in Plymouth left me some spare time to get a run in on the stunning north moors.  I parked up behind the Dartmoor Inn, Lydford and headed across the moor to Brat Tor (76) or Widgery Cross which stands on its summit. The was still but with a fair amount of mist still about, visability was good enough to not have to worry about the map too much at the start.  Next I made the short hop to Doe Tor (92) the last time I was here was on the OMM in 2010, but I didn't seem to log it that day so was glad I dropped in on it as I wasn't going too originally.  Next the lung buster up the hill to Sharp Tor (519), I can't say for sure that I have ever been here before but it's a great tor which I am sure would give great views to the west on a better day.  The plan was to run through Chat Tor but a red flag and and worsening vis persuaded me to avoid the possibility of straying into Okehampton range by heading around the hill to the west.  Searching for a good line made the going tough, I also couldn't make mind up whether to go straight to Green or go via Dunnagoat Tors, eventually the terrain made the Dunnagoat option the better.  I visited Lower Dunnagoat Tor the more interesting of the two before turning and heading over to Green Tor (17).  Soon I had retraced my steps and found myself on Higher Dunnagoat Tor.  Unfortunately the Dunnagoat Tors (13) are logged as one tor so no doubling up on this one.  Now off to Great Links Tor (6) which makes my top 5 five tors on the moor.  Every time I visit Great Links in the mist it always reminds me of those British Gas adverts, one of which was someone looking for Sid on a rocky hillside/tor.  Unfortunately youtube let me down this time so you will have to take my word for it.  Next off to Gren Tor(32) I cut across to the track and enjoyed a bit of a blast to warm up a little, then cut into Gren Tor before retracing my tracks out and back up to the track, vis starting to drop now so a quick glance to Little Links Tor (40) before heading off the track towards it.  Can't see it in the small valley but stick to my line and hit it straight on.  Maps now my friend as I head out of Little Links and concentrate on not losing too much height, before running down the hill to Arms Tor (72).  All the planned tors visited for the day now it was time to enjoy the decent out of the clag and back to the car.  Great feeling letting go at the end of a run, especially when there is no bracken to get in your way.  A really amazing run in great terrain.

12.6km 1hr 52min

Brat Tor

Doe Tor looking back to Brat Tor

Sharp Tor

Dunnagoat Tors from Green Tor

Looking back to Great Links Tor

Taking the track to Gren Tor

Happy to see Little Links Tor

Out of the gloom appears Arms Tor