Friday, 28 January 2011

Bowerman's Nose - 24th January

Bowerman's Nose

Hay Tor and Hound Tor from near Bowerman's Nose
So quick walk up to Bowerman's Nose (118) with the dog on a cold a dull afternoon.  Seems odd that none of the surrounding tors are named, but have some interesting shapes and structures.  Hope to return here when the light is slightly better to take some more photos.  The nose itself is a great piece of granite, but not as spectactular as I had hoped. 

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Ten more Tors - 21st Jan

Crockern Tor looking to Princetown

Littaford Tor
Awoke to the most glorious of days, so headed straight up on to the moors after the school run.  Found a great little parking space below Crockern Tor (114).  So quickly up to the tor, the former home of the stannary parliament .   Then off north to Littaford Tor (68) before tor hopping all the way up to Longaford Tor (41), always worth the climb to the top as you get views in every direction.  Didn't spend to much time as it was still cold, but luckily no wind so ideal running conditions.  Short hop to Higher White Tor (29) and Lower White Tor (42) before turning west to Crow Tor (43).  I have visited Crow Tor many times as it was a favourite on our Ten Tors training walks whilst at school, but I can never remember climbing to the top.  In fact I didn't think it would be possible to get up there so was nice to find out I was mistaken.  I think Crow Tor would make my top 10 favourite tors.  Next I headed north to Rough Tor (16), which always looks like a submarine to me from this direction.  Next I turned west again to the high point of the day, a little navigational error took me to far south so I had head north to find Devil's Tor (14) and Beardown Man.  Time to turn for home now via Lydford Tor (44) and the three tors of Beardown Tor (38), before crossing the West Dart at the weir, avoiding the ice covered rocks.  Soon running back over Crockern Tor and back to the car.  What a great run on a truely stunning dartmoor winters day.

Longaford Tor with Higher White Tor in the background

Crow Tor
Rough Tor

Beardown Man on Devil's Tor

Lydford Tor looking back to Crow Tor
Beardown Tors

Sunday, 16 January 2011

it's been a while!

So December becomes the first blank month on my exploration of the moors, mainly due to being down under for some winter sun.  Turns out I missed the best of the snow, which is a little bit gutting.  Anyway yesterday I eased my way back in with a short walk with Helen out to Wels Tor (128).  The tor is a pretty unremarkable collection of small rocks, but 200m to the west stands the more impressive Buckland Beacon (195) and though unlisted on my original list I am more than happy to add it.  The Beacon is also home to the Ten Commandments Stone and although due to the strong wind we failed to get to them, I will return to photograph the tors and stones, hopefully being able stand up without fear of being blown away.