Thursday, 21 October 2010

Western Beacon, Butterdon Hill, Hangershell Rocks and Ugborough Beacon

Sunset on Western Beacon
A beautiful Autumn evening on the very southern tip of the moor.  From the car it was a straight climb up to Western Beacon (155) and the first view of the setting sun.  Then a welcome run down to Black Pool, before the climb to Butterdon Hill (138).  As the sun continued to set, I continued to Hangershell Rock and though not on my original list it was certainly worth a visit, From there I turned east now with the last of the sun on my back I made for Ugborough Beacon (129).  I spied a group on horseback near the beacon, but when looked again they had disappeared!  I got to the beacon in time for the last of the days sun.  I ran south over Eastern Beacon, before enjoying the run across to the wall above Cuckoo Ball and then picking up the path back to the car.  A really beautiful evening for a run over some classic south moor terrain.  GPS Track
Butterdon Hill

Hangershell Rock

Ugborough Beacon

Monday, 18 October 2010

Black Hill

First run since the long O.  Have been suffering from a sore hip after landing funny, running off one of the tors.  So decided to take it easy for a while, don't want to miss the OMM.  It felt good on the run this morning although a little bit of discomfort tonight, but it will have to drop off for me to miss this one.  My run took in Black Hill(104) which is the last of the points in the Hay Tor area of my attempt to visit all the tors and hilltops on Dartmoor, visit my Dartmoor Tors Blog for more info (and to read this again!!).  Looking forward to being able to get back on the main body of the moor after the OMM

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Hound Tor and Greator Rocks - 8th October

Hound Tor
Took a gamble after the school run and headed off to Hound Tor (102) which I knew would be in the mist, but I felt that it would soon clear and could lead to some interesting photo's.  Unfortunately it never did and after 90mins of scrambling and rambling on Hound and Greator Rocks(133) it came in worse than ever.  Still love a good wonder on the moors in the mist.

A quick view of Hound Tor from Greator Rocks

Greator Rocks