Saturday, 23 September 2017

I Forgot About Black Tor

Spent a nice night out on Black Tor at the end of May.  It was a lovely night out with an interesting sunset and an beautiful morning which had the potential for an amazing sunrise, however it didn't really materialise, it was stunning but not from a photographic point of view.

Black Tor

Black Tor Early Morning
Quick blast over the moors after work and I notice Tor Rocks (186) on the map at SX641 591 and thought I would go and take a look.  It turned out to be a beautiful little corner of the moors with a small quarry below and the charming Butter Brook to the north.  This ones not on the original list but have added it on.  After visiting continued north and planned on a return visit to Tristis Rock, but it turns out that this is not the best angle to approach from high ferns meant getting to the river was a challenge then the river was wider and deeper than anticipated.  The final decision to turn back was the look of the slope below Tristis Rock itself which looked like deep gorse and ferns! 

Tor Rocks - SX641 591

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Wacka Tor, Corringdon Ball and Piles Hill

I am back..... got to get this going again!

Out for a run on the moors took in two hilltops and one Tor that I haven't visited before, none of which are in the original list I was working to!!

Piles Hill

Three Barrows Trig

Wacka Tor