Thursday, 28 August 2014

Return to Watern Tor

Paid a return visit to Watern Tor the other day, wow I could spend some time up there it is truly stunning.  I thought I would share this photo, as I hope it shows what a beautiful tor it is. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Little Tor and West Mill Tor

Wow it's been a while, over a year in fact since I logged a Tor.  There was no planning around this we just decided to go for a family walk up to Yes Tor and as I sat up there taking in the amazing view I remembered this journey (of sorts) I was still on.  I saw West Mill and another outcrop which isn't on the map but with the power of google I found that this was known locally as Little Tor (210).  Both had yet to be visited on this journey although I remember on many occasions visiting West Mill Tor as a checkpoint when Ten Tors training, always nice as generally it came at the end of the day and you c an see the buses waiting for us at the bottom of the hill near the camp.  So Little Tor first only a small pull up the hill after descending from Yes Tor to this nice little outcrop, not sure why it only gets a small ring contour on the OS map.  Next it was on to West Mill Tor. I had forgotten what an amazing tor West Mill Tor(19) is, with plenty to explore, but alas no time today I had to catch up with the family heading back to the car.  Hopefully this has inspired me to get back out on this journey in the near future.   

Little Tor (West Side looking South)

Little Tor with West Mill Tor in the background
Looking Across the Roof of West Mill Tor

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